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Letter of Aprreciation from JNU

JNU appreciation letter
Mind Mapping is a life skill. Best learned with peer group and motivational trainer. 
This workshop was a process that took students to a journey inwards, unleashing creative potentials and develop interactive skills, contribute and encourage group cohesiveness.
 For children aged 7 to 14 years

Upcoming Batch in August 2020


Going Online during Lockdown


Lots of structured exercises initiate participants into a group process allowing them to directly or indirectly express ideas , feelings ,fantasies ,accelerating participation and collaborative work as well as individual work. Met beautiful souls in Season 45 . From handwritten letters to homemade food to homegrown productions. From mindfully curating to crafting stories and songs.
From  channeled exercises to therapeutic forces through art , drama, dialogues ,we harvest.
Participants tend to receive personal attention and deep transformational journey. #secretpassagesstorytelling
Participants were writers, educators , legal advisor , curriculum developer. 

Season 45. 3
Season 45.2

Story Retreat in Alibaug: 

 6 women , 2 men and 3 kids immersed into the journey of rediscovering words , passages and stories. Loads of learning and harvesting.

#storyretreat #premisetoproduction #inclusion  #circlework  #thelalaland in Basera, Alibaug

Story retreat 3
story retreat 4

32 teachers from West-Wing “Universal School”  attended  the one day session on the Heart and Craft of Storytelling and are looking for long term association:)
25th January’ 20 

Awarded "Exceptional Women of Excellence"at WEF" 2019

The need for  #circleoftrust / #circleofinfluence / empathy is increasing by the ticking clock.
Holding a child in our arms , is like watching the bird fledge and fly .
We need to nestle, nurture and develop healthy minds who in turn become global citizens.
When #EdubridgeInternationalSchool invited me to give a 90 Min talk on #safeandunsafetouch .
I was particularly impressed by such engagement from the school to educate parents. ( #educatingparents)
Furthermore , touched by the response  , we witnessed a room full of involved parents.

As parents , we have to continuously invest on our selves and thus , influence our upbringing.

As I drew the curtain that morning of 13th November, I spoke about  safe space conversations , to be fully present while listening  , regular community meetings to broaden our understanding, regular apple meet ups as family rituals, to be mindful , becoming a better listener, learning to interpret unspoken and spoken words , leading conversations Vs closed ones, visual words. 

Over 450 participants attended my Talk on ” How to Bridge the gap between you and your parents” at #orangecityliteraturefestival was
Super engaging and fun moments with everlasting words that connected soul to soul.
Power of descriptive words to explain what you feel , shared loads of stories that made meaning to words like integrity , compassion, receptive listening and what does it mean by holding space.
Also my belief on the ” Visual words, circle meet ups, mindfulness, giving non judgemental safe space  and well told story ” can bridge so many gaps .
All this through games and exercises for living learning experience.
#creativecoach #geetanjalitalks 

Interesting conversations on ” let’s mind your Mind by Mapping it” .While your brain is hard wired to work through images , association , direction then why not become creative and innovative.
Worked on new age guide to work on self  #mappingyourjourney #journalling
*Grandchildren refuse to sit next to Grandparents to hear a story as the gadget keeps them hooked.
*Grandchildren think, Grandparents have very outdated and preachy stories. How to make Mythology interesting ?? Questioned a Grandma
And many such questions popped up in the auditorium of Bhakti Vedant Mission High School on 29th November’2019 . 
It was one of the most beautiful experience to address over 300 grandparents 
on #theHeartandCraftofStorytelling .And relished that little chitchat I had after the session.
 While I told many stories , emphasized to work on bringing context and tell stories that the soul seeks to hear. Most of all , bring routine and rhythm at home , a time and space for Storytelling.
How to tell in a way that  your grandchild is curious to know more about your childhood , your journey , your family history.
I took everyone to  my childhood days , how I have made happy memories with my grandparents .  I miss them but I feel their blessings in my life.
Finally , an  unplanned story landed,  which touched everyone present there.
Thank you Samindara for inviting me  I will treasure this experience.
Looking forward to touch the lives of more Grandparents.
secretpassages .1-041219
 Our theatre artists Archana Bora, Heena  Vaswani , Simran Nagwani,  Shilpa Shah and Suchtra Jain performed ‘”Ari ‘” at JBCN International School. Oshiwara on Children’s day, 14th November 2019 .
” Ari : story of a little boy who reaches out to stars by the little wonders he does “
Play imagined and directed by Geetanjali Shetty kaul
Authored by Vaishali Shroff.
Published by Tulika
Contemporary  retelling  of  the timeless epic “Mahabharatha” touched many souls.
Our very first theme based workshop   #Mahabharata Circle”  was a hit and we relished our harvest 🙂 .
25 stories unfolded right from Uruvi, Shakuni, Duryodhana , Karna, 5 golden arrows and the list is long.
Mind blowing performances by Saurin Desai , Simran Nagwani , Anuradha  Rohra , Vandana Upadhyay and others.
 Group performances  were also  refreshing .
Saurin gave  insights and creative  ideas on sketching,  analyzing Characters from the story. 
A day well spent in my favourite library:) Mcubed .

” Nandini brings back Love” one of the finest performance that has strong visual immersion and perfect story structure.

Performers: Simran ,Nagwani Ritoo Tiwari Garg Shraddha Bhanushali Suchitra Jain.

Play directed by Geetanjali Shetty Kaul 

“Geetanjali , we need to have  
more such circles around the bonfire “is what the head of L and D announced  during the closing of my workshop. 
When the safe space is created for the soul to express ,  express truth in a powerful  form that goes deeper than opinions and  judgements is when the Story begins to flow. Thus , making it so meaningful and authentic. 
Corporate  Storytelling  workshop at Schaeffler  India  Pvt  ltd  largely focussed on how a well told story can transform  21st Century  organisations .The CEO,  Head of L and D, Sales , Marketing  , H.R and others  actively participated and were captivated by the stories  told.
We practiced imagery , created bonfire storytelling , practiced techniques  and  tools, worked on using story telling  as a process for regular interventions.
SP storytellers told stories to over 1200 kids  ,just in 2 days at United  Way Mumbai ‘s lets read carnival. 
Team that works together , experiences joy and fulfilment.
We performed in multiple  locations  sometimes  almost at the same time.
We touched over 15 Venues this Oct ’19 to spread our magic:) of retelling the timeless epic.
Every aspect  of  the  story  brings forth a  part of our evolving self .
The Way we handle negative thoughts(the Surpanakhi)  , our doubts ( the manthara), evil motives (the Ravana),  discovering Virtues that lie within , Then how the Victory over evil  and finally ,becoming integral with ourselves.(Well pointed out  in  #conversation with Archana Bora )
Now how you tell this story  matters 🙂
Time to thank the team
Thank you Archana  Bora,  Heena Vaswani,  Shilpa Shah,  Ritoo Garg , Vandana  Upadhyay  , Shradha  Bhanushali Harveen and Geetanjali Shetty kaul. #zerowastagesettings
heena 2
Kahani tree
cover pic
Adult Workshop at Teachers Conclave
At Panabai International Schools Talent Hunt
IMG-20181015-WA0014 (1)

Children’s Day performance of

“Nandini brings back love ” at Activity Infant School

Katie Bagli the author of " A Cappela Boy " said , " Secret Passages Story Tellers yet again did an amazing job performing A Cappella Boy at NCPA" 02/12/18
Being an #organisationofstorytellers has been the greatest benefit with #letsreadcarnival for over 2 years now as we have touched thousands of little souls.Our collaboration with #unitedwaymumbai has been an on going project and a sense of achievement.To make meaning to your passion and pull the tribe along.
We are visiting Public and Municipal  schools to tell stories and do teacher training .Schools in Dharavi,Saki.Naka ,Sion koliwada,Malvani Village ,Mazgoan,Bandra ,Thane and all over to spread the joy of reading and Storytelling.Students meditate ,do rhythm work ,listen to stories and share their learnings through art ,drama and conversation.
#storytellersnetwork #csrdriven
Storytelling at the airport # GVK MUSEUM
House Full at Bhaudhaji lad Museum
Lets Read Campaign by professional Storytellers
Workshop on #buildingastory with relevant details and right techniques to transform 21st century organizations designed for the Programmers at Tata Trust. Employees were happy with the pointers and guidance that I shared to craft compelling stories:)

“When you begin to talk in stories, your black-and-white words turn into color.  Your drab requests turn into a mission.  People find you to be more compelling.  And once that happens, others will see that stories work, and they’ll start telling stories, too.”  Annette Simmons, author & business consultant