You can cure anything with a story


We at Secret Passages believe in the power of stories. 

Across ages and spaces, we work to cultivate a culture of reflection and openness using storytelling and theatre as a tool.

This inward journey to openness and transparency has been fruitful in Corporate Spaces too.

Storytelling is not just entertainment.  Stories heal. 

Secret Passages specializes in contextualizing stories and channelizing group energies, thereby nudging each to unfold and evolve.

Our certified storytellers, have touched hearts of more than 3000 children in the span of less than 12 months.

Just to name a few of the places where we have performed

1. Calf – Kolhapur Literature Festival

2. Somaiya Literature Festival

3. Literageous – English Literature Festival of Jamnabai Narsee School

4. JBCN International School’s Literature Festival

5.  Asiatic Library

6. Book Launch of A Capella Boy – Nehru Center Auditorium

7. Angel Express,an NGO

8. Kalaghoda Literature Festival 2018

9. Tata Literature Fest 2020

10. Orange City Fest 2020

JNU FDP 2020