We often face stumbling blocks in our lives, wishing answers miraculously appeared in front of us. The aim of secret passages is to help you rediscover the wisdom within you. The innovative yet intuitive techniques of secret passages will enlighten the mind into ideas that are originally yours.Over 300 participants in 24 month have taken the journey inwards.We guide you to find your truer self.
Come and be a part of our non judgemental space. 
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Geetanjali Shetty Kaul is a Parent Coach, Voice Coach ,story coach   and Founder of the Secret Passages.  She has been twinkling bright in the world of storytelling since her teens, and has nurtured more than 400 storytellers across India. Geetanjali knits stories to engage with listeners, helping them embark on a journey to inner transformation. Geetanjali has more than two decades of experience as a teacher and consultant with International Schools. She has curated curriculums and innovative learning techniques customized to different age groups for District Level Schools



Well, who can do justice to a story better than a dreamer? Ritoo is a dreamer with the skill of swiping, adjusting, turning bright and soft and sliding into different characters of a story. Her grandfather gifted her the ears and fingers for music, and her little daughter lends her’s to her stories. And what wakes her up are earthen, natural, simple stories full of humor. Ritoo's laughter is infectious, making the kids feel comfortable being outrageous around her. Beware, she may look in her thirties, but she is actually only 8! She has laughed her way through stories for 3 year olds in preschools, stories for school children, theater for NGOs, more than 30 ticketed shows in and around Mumbai and then a few more. "To add a pinch of drama to your story, laugh just like me!", that's what she says! Ritoo has a corporate background for over 6 years in the field of Marketing and Sales, but as she says, "Storytelling is now my life!"

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While her journey as a storyteller began with telling stories to her child, she realised that for her, story telling has been a constant thought provoker and a great tool for all aspects of memory development since a long time. She enjoys the art of storytelling and the stimulation that theatre brings. She believes that story telling can stimulate the brain to make the listerner believe that anything can be achieved. “Stories are food for the soul, they heal you, empower you and touch you in places you didn’t even know existed within you”. An MBA in finance, Heena has worked for around 10 years in financial industry covering banking and brokerage business.

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It was a soulful rendering of Sant Kabir in Urdu, that spurred Archana to tell stories. As a counsellor, she had been audience to numerous stories of people's journeys. However, the storyteller in her came alive, when one day eighteen children knocked at her door and turned the tables around. She has grown to believe that it’s her listeners that gives power to her stories. She has witnessed stories bring closures and open windows of possibilities. Archana is 121 stories and 30 shows old. "Love your story. Don't judge it before you tell it," is the mantra that she lives by. Archana is a Handwriting Analyst and a Grapho-Therapist from Handwriting University International, L.A. and a Certified Counsellor in Robert Carkhuff Model of Counselling. She is also a B.M.S. from Mumbai University. Her hobbies include working on DIY projects, writing, singing and standing upside down every now and then

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Passionate about working with children Shilpa discovered her love for storytelling while reading out stories to her daughter. She has extended the love of reading by starting her own library where she curates the books for little readers. She realized that stories can give freedom to children’s lives and help them grow without any inhibitions or fear. She has been using stories in the life skill program she conducts for children. She also believes that story telling and meaningful theatre can change perspectives, shift paradigms and give a cathartic experience to adults. “Stories are the best way to connect to anyone including yourself.” An engineer by profession, Shilpa has worked in software development with Infosys and TCS for almost a decade.